Sweden is considered one of the most prosperous countries in the European Union with a large stable economy, high social standards and optimal conditions for professional activity. The successful development of the state was largely due to the introduction of innovations and production of high-tech products. Despite the high level of competition, thousands of foreign entrepreneurs seek to open business in Sweden, for example, in the field of IT.

Work and life in Sweden attracts an impressive number of migrant workers from different countries. However, not every specialist can count on a job. In addition, it is very expensive to live in a state with high prices and taxes. On the other hand, Swedish universities provide quality education, there is an excellent infrastructure and one of the best medical systems in the world. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Sweden in 2024.


Labour market in Sweden

Unemployment in Sweden does not exceed 7–8%, and the employment rate reaches 70%. However, out of 94 thousand new jobs last year, about 74 thousand were given to foreigners. Most often migrant workers were employed in education, care and health care, as well as in the industrial sector. However, today about 400 thousand locals are officially unemployed, and the population of Sweden is about 10.6 million. According to forecasts of local experts, in 2024 the number of employed people will increase by 100,000 people.

Legal employment in Sweden for foreigners from third countries provides a number of conditions. For example, citizens of Sweden and other EU member states should not apply for a vacancy of at least 10 days. In addition, the applicant must find a job in advance and sign a contract, apply for a work permit, open a visa and get a Swedish residence permit. Given the high competition, the profession of a foreigner should be very popular in Sweden.

There is no minimum wage in Sweden. The rates are fixed in collective agreements between trade unions and employers separately for each sector. In general, even unskilled labor is paid very well – at least 2 thousand euros per month. According to the Swedish Statistical Office, the average salary in Sweden in 2024 is 43.2 thousand kronas per month (about 3.9 thousand euros). After payment of taxes there are 2.8 thousand euros. Working in Stockholm brings about 3.3 thousand euros net.

The most demanded professions in Sweden

The most popular professions in Sweden in 2024 are related to services, information technology and innovation, medicine, construction, education and research. To some extent, seasonal work on farms, such as picking various berries and mushrooms, is popular with citizens of the post-Soviet area.

Swedish Immigration Agency in coordination with the Employment Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs annually publishes a list of professions that are in high demand in Sweden. This year's list includes 189 items in various directions. The table below highlights the main ones.


1 Midwife
2 Barman
3 Doctor (different specialties)
4 Driver (bus, truck, streetcar, cab)
5 Engineer (different directions)
6 Woodcutter
7 Nurse
8 Butcher
9 Nanny
10 Hairdresser
11 Baker
12 Cook
13 Programmer
14 Plumber
15 Social worker
16 Dentist
17 Builder (different directions)
18 Packer
19 Teacher
20 Pharmacist

Note. Information is based on official information from the Swedish immigration agency.

In conclusion, we would like to note that along with its verified neighbors Finland and Norway, the Kingdom of Sweden is on the list of the happiest countries in the world. It is a very beautiful country with a high standard of living, excellent ecology and wonderful nature.


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