Estonia is one of the most successful countries of the post-Soviet space. Thanks to competent actions of local authorities in economic, financial and social spheres, the small Baltic state in a relatively short period of time has improved the standard of living of Estonian citizens and created favorable conditions for attracting skilled labor migrants and entrepreneurs, who conduct quite profitable business in Estonia. The lack of corruption, transparent laws and effective tax policy greatly contributes to this.

Work in Tallinn

The business, economic, political, cultural and scientific center of Estonia is the capital city Tallinn. The city is located in the northern part of the country on the Gulf of Finland. It is a very comfortable place to live and conduct professional activity. Work in Tallinn in 2024 – a good way to supplement the family budget and immigration to the European Union for permanent residence. And the chances of employment have specialists in different professions – from software engineers to agricultural workers.

Specifics of labour migration to Tallinn

Tallinn hosts many sporting and cultural events annually, including art exhibitions and jazz and classical concerts. Other types of entertainment lovers will find many nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the capital. There is a network of free public transport in Tallinn for residents and Estonians. In many municipal schools the language of instruction is Russian. The climate in Estonia is quite favorable. Summers are warm, and winters are moderately cold.

According to official data, the population of Tallinn in 2024 is 459 thousand people. This is about a third of all residents of Estonia (1.3 million). Negative natural increase is one of the main problems of the country. Generally replenishment of population in the capital for the past few years due to the inflow of foreigners who managed to find a job in Tallinn or had other reasons to move. Interestingly, the national composition of the capital region is as follows:

  • Estonians – 53.2%

  • Russians – 38%

  • Ukrainians – 3,4%

  • Belarusians – 1.7%

  • Others – 3.7%

Specifics of labour migration to Tallinn

Despite one official language – Estonian, Russian and English are widespread in Tallinn. This has to be taken into account when planning labor migration. Among foreign languages, employers give priority to English. Unemployment in Tallinn is about 5-6%.

Most vacancies in Estonia are in the sphere of production, trade and education. The smallest number of jobs is offered in agriculture and construction. In any case, about 63% of all open positions in Estonia are concentrated in Tallinn.

Stages of labour migration to Tallinn

  • Searching for a job.

  • Conclusion of an employment contract.

  • Obtaining a work permit.

  • Opening a work visa.

  • Registration of residence permit.

In most cases, foreigners from third countries have to do all of the above in order to be officially employed in Tallinn. According to Estonian laws, a limited number of applicants from abroad have preferential conditions (without work permit), such as holders of EU Blue Card, graduates of Estonian universities, scientists and teachers, specialists of the highest category or seasonal workers. The processing time for applications for residence permits in Estonia does not exceed 60 days.

How to find a job in Tallinn. Job Search.

The main difficulty for foreigners from third countries when looking for a job in Tallinn in 2024 is competition with locals and Europeans, many of whom in recent years do not mind making extra money in the Estonian capital. Moreover, EU citizens do not need any special permits for employment. The task of job seekers is also complicated by a very limited number of available jobs. Therefore it is highly probable that you will not be able to find a job in Tallinn quickly.

How to find a job in Tallinn

Seek any opportunity to contact an Estonian employer or a large international company directly. Put together a good resume and cover letter. Highlight your competitive advantages, unique skills and experience. Be sure to visit Tallinn as a tourist. If acquaintances or relatives do not live in this city or country, then try to establish business contacts with migrant workers yourself.

More than half of the vacancies in Tallinn are passed on, as they say, "by word of mouth". Be active not only when visiting Estonia, but also in your own country. Analyze the information on the Internet. Visit topical forums, groups in social networks and specialized sites. One of the main factors in a successful job search in Tallinn – it is personal professional qualities of the applicant, primarily related to education and language skills.

Education. An official job in Tallinn, especially for positions that require high qualifications and experience, requires an appropriate level of education. The best option is to study at a prestigious university in Estonia. For example, Tallinn Technical University, which is considered one of the best educational institutions in the Baltics.

To check the recognition of a foreign degree, visit the national portal, where you can also find a list of regulated professions that are not available to foreigners without special education and sufficient experience. In particular, this applies to many categories of technicians, some drivers, medical and social workers. Such a step will more realistically assess the possibility of finding a job in Tallinn in 2024.

Language. When hiring foreigners, local employers set one of the main conditions for a good command of Estonian or English. Knowledge of Russian alone greatly reduces the chances of finding a well-paid job in Tallinn. You may be able to find a job that does not require any special qualifications and frequent communication with people in the course of your work.

Looking for a job in Tallinn

Estonian Unemployment

Schedules of job fairs in

Professional social

Popular job search websites in Tallinn

Popular newspaper websites in Tallinn



If you cannot find a job in Tallinn without a mediator, ask an employment agency. Preferably an Estonian or an international one.

Jobs and salary in Tallinn

Jobs and salary in Tallinn

Estonia surpasses many European Union countries in the level of salaries. On average, employees in the country earn about 1,305 euros per month after taxes. In the capital the figures are slightly higher. The average salary in Tallinn in 2024 is about 1,500-1,800 euros.

The minimum wage of Estonian workers over the last nine years has increased by 500 euros and is now 820 euros per month. Experienced foreign specialists can find vacancies in Tallinn with salaries of more than 2-2.5 thousand euros. Financiers, insurers and programmers are paid more than anyone else in Estonia.

Tallinn is one of the 10 "digital cities" of the world. In terms of development of information technology, Estonia can handicap the largest countries in Europe and around the world. By the way, few people know that the super-popular way to communicate over the Internet Skype was developed thanks to Estonian programmers.

Today, up to 44% of the employees of the Luxembourg company Skype Limited work in Estonia, mainly in Tallinn. In general, talented IT specialists and creators of promising startups can count on a successful career in large Tallinn and international companies.

Consider Estonian employers such as Pipedrive, AdCash, Swedbank, Ericsson, Eesti Energia, Microsoft and H&M. In addition to information technology, jobs in Tallinn in 2024 are available for engineers and construction workers of various specializations, medical workers, teachers and scientists.

Certainly, experienced technical specialists have more chances to find a job with high salary. Sometimes there are jobs in Tallinn in the field of unskilled labor, such as drivers and seasonal workers in agriculture and tourism.

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