It is no secret that Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world with the highest standard of living and per capita income. However, long-term residence in this state is very expensive. Therefore thousands of foreign specialists from quite prosperous regions of Western Europe, including Germany, France and Italy daily cross the Swiss border to work in such cities as Geneva and Zurich, but prefer to live in their native country.

Various ratings of the best countries to live in tend to consist of developed countries with a comfortable climate, excellent infrastructure and a strong economy. However, real estate rent, prices for food and various services in such places are beyond the monthly budgets of most foreigners. This is especially true for immigrants who want to move to live in another country for a reason unrelated to employment. Let's say if one has savings or the ability to earn from a distance.

Without going to extremes, that is, without taking into account the dwarf, island, dangerous and poorest countries in the world, let us highlight the cheapest countries to live in 2024.

Note. The list of the cheapest countries to live in the world includes one representative from 5 different continents (except for Antarctica and Australia).




According to many reputable publications, the cheapest country to live in the world is India. Unfortunately, despite the impressive GDP, more than half of the locals live very poor, besides there are problems with infrastructure, crime and access to medicine.

On the other hand, in resort areas (GOA) and many big cities in India (Mumbai, Bangalore) foreigners can live quite comfortably, safely and cheaply. In the bedroom community, renting a room will cost an average of $100, and dinner in a restaurant only a few dollars.


South Africa

In recent years the South African economy has been actively developing in a variety of fields and a large number of immigrants are coming to this colorful country for permanent residence. In fact, today qualified specialists from abroad often find high-paying jobs in South Africa.

Given the low prices of consumer goods and housing, it is very profitable to pursue a career in South Africa. On average $300-400 for a comfortable life in a large city - Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban - is enough, plus $200-300 for apartment rent.



The cheapest country to live in Europe, more precisely in the European Union, is Bulgaria. Even in the capital of Sofia prices for real estate, goods and services are quite acceptable. Besides Bulgaria is a very beautiful place with lots of resort areas, especially on the Black Sea coast.

You can rent a room in Bulgaria for $300-400 on average and a more comfortable apartment or house for $500-600. In the capital the prices are a little bit higher. Note that the standard of living and economic condition of the country lags far behind most developed European countries. For example, the minimum wage in Bulgaria is only 475 euros a month.



North America is represented in the list of the world's cheapest countries by Mexico. It is a popular tourist destination and an attractive place to live permanently. Food, clothing, public transportation, entertainment and other daily expenses on average do not exceed $350-400, and renting an apartment about $280-300.

It should be understood that in different regions of Mexico, the cost of living can vary significantly. For example, this applies to resorts visited by a large number of Americans or Canadians. Here local businessmen deliberately inflate the prices of some services and food.



Despite common stereotypes, modern Colombia is considered not only cheap to live in, but also quite safe, democratic, and civilized country. In major cities such as Bogota and Medellín, rent a good apartment is about $400-450, and a full meal or dinner is less than $5.

Keep in mind that Colombian metropolitan areas are very heterogeneous. In some areas the problems of street crime, fraud and kidnapping are not completely solved. But in general Colombia is a very interesting country with friendly people and stunning nature.

Of course, the list of cheap countries to live in can include dozens of other states from around the world. For example in Asia - Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, in Africa - Morocco, Nigeria and Egypt, in South America – Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru, in North America – Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras, in Europe - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The choice of the cheapest country to live in depends not only on the general price level and other socio-economic factors, but also on the personal preferences of the potential immigrant.

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