Modern Thailand is not only one of the most exotic and popular tourist destinations, but also an attractive place for labor migration. Particular shortage of labor in the Thai labor market is observed among qualified professionals. According to the official data of the local authorities, Thailand employs several million workers from abroad.

Jobs in Thailand for foreigners in 2024 is available in information technology, teaching foreign languages, finance and banking, some areas of industry and medicine. Also, many foreign entrepreneurs are opening their own business in Thailand. Be sure to keep in mind that for a number of professions, such as construction, the country has an official ban on employment by foreigners.

According to experts, Thailand is currently one of the fastest growing states in Southeast Asia. Despite some internal political problems in recent years, the country's economy is quite stable and open for investment. Traditional areas are considered agriculture, electronics, textile and automotive industry, and, of course, tourism.

Work in Thailand

Thailand has a good infrastructure, a hot climate, rich culture, traditions and many scenic places for recreation. The official unemployment rate in the country is about 1–2%. Most of the local population of about 70.1 million people are employed in services, about 51%. One-third of the residents work in agriculture, while the rest work in the industrial sector. Below, we will learn what vacancies and salaries in Thailand are relevant in 2024, how to find a job for a foreigner and get acquainted with the main requirements for migrant workers.

Features of Labor Migration to Thailand

The specifics of legal employment in Thailand are not much different from most countries of the world. The emphasis is on legal professional activities, as there are a large number of foreigners working in the country without appropriate permits and the local authorities are actively fighting against this. Violators face heavy fines, deportation and even imprisonment, including employers. Therefore, it is categorically not recommended to do so.

The Thai government is interested in maximizing the provision of jobs primarily for its citizens. As can be seen from the level of unemployment in the country, the authorities are successfully coping with this task. Foreigners in Thailand are forbidden to work in such areas as agriculture and forestry, construction, retail, driving, architecture, law, accounting, hairdressing and some other professions.

In order to legally work in Thailand, a foreign applicant must first find a local employer, who will issue a work permit from the Employment Department of the local Ministry of Labor. For this purpose, the norms of the current legislation must be fulfilled, for example, the vacancy is not applied for by locals and there is no professional ban for foreigners. After that, a work visa is issued at the Thai Consulate in your country.

It is also allowed to come to the country in advance on the so-called non-immigrant visa B and obtain a work permit on the spot. This visa allows staying in Thailand for up to 90 days, and after obtaining a work permit for 12 months, with the right of extension. Often, foreigners, especially entrepreneurs who make frequent trips, apply for a multiple-entry business visa to Thailand, valid for one year.

Documents for obtaining a work permit in Thailand

  1. Two color passport sized photos.

  2. Health insurance.

  3. Original passport.

  4. Official invitation to work.

  5. Diplomas of education.

  6. A copy of the document on the availability of a place to stay in the country.

In addition, the Thai company sends to the Ministry of Labor its list of documentation, including the employment contract with a foreigner, financial and tax records. Carry out professional activities in Thailand must be strictly in accordance with the vacancy specified in the work permit.

How to find a job in Thailand. Search for jobs without intermediaries.

The most popular cities, where there are jobs in Thailand in 2023 are considered – Bangkok, there are more jobs in finance and business, as well as Phuket, mainly developed in the tourism and services. Pay attention to the major companies operating in Thailand, including international companies that have sufficient experience in hiring foreign employees. For example, Siemens, Hewlett Packard and IBM.

Before you begin your job search in Thailand, carefully review the list of occupations not available to overseas job seekers. A complete and up-to-date list can be found at, which also provides a lot of other information about immigration to Thailand. Be sure to visit the country as a tourist. In this case, there will be an opportunity not only to rest, but also to reach the employer directly.

To increase the chances of employment in Thailand, it is important to speak English at a good level, and better to have skills in Thai. Qualifications, experience and a prestigious education are a must when looking for a high-paying job. Visit thematic forums and communicate with experienced migrant workers in social networks. Be sure to register on the professional social networking site

The main ways of finding a job in Thailand

Read job advertisements in Thai newspapers like the Bangkok daily and Bangkok post.

Visit the official website of the Thai Employment Department –

Popular job search websites in Thailand

International employment resources in Thailand

This was information regarding job search in Thailand without intermediaries. If you cannot find a job on your own, contact a trusted recruitment agency, preferably with the protection of friends or acquaintances. Very often for a fairly modest fee, such companies provide professional assistance and find prestigious jobs for foreigners.

Jobs and wages in Thailand

Jobs and wages in Thailand

Foreigners who hope to significantly increase their income level with the help of employment in Thai companies will be very disappointed. The official minimum wage for local workers depending on the province is 330-370 baht a day (about 8–9 euros).

The average salary in Thailand in 2024 is 15,452.59 baht per month, equivalent to 400 euros. Foreigners have a better chance to find a well-paid job if they make an employment contract with an international company, i.e. before moving to the country.

Available jobs in Thailand in 2024

  • IT professionals (programmers, developers).

  • Translators and teachers of English, mostly in private schools.

  • Some areas in the field of tourism, such as diving instructors (certification required) or work in hotels (meet and accompany tourists).

  • Experienced engineers, including the petrochemical and automotive industries.

  • Financiers and bankers, usually to work in representative offices of foreign companies or financial and credit institutions.

Qualified foreign specialists can earn in Thailand up to 1 thousand euros a month, in rare cases higher. Among the unskilled professions competition is very high. Sometimes there is a job in Thailand for women, say, in bars, restaurants and other entertainment establishments, for example, dancers. It is no secret that this employment option should be treated with extreme caution.

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