The Kingdom of Denmark is located in Northern Europe and is part of the so-called Scandinavian countries. Surprisingly, almost the entire territory of the state is surrounded by water massifs – the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, even with the nearest neighbors – Norway and Sweden there is no land border. Only in the southern part of Denmark is contiguous by land with Germany.

The comfortable geographical location between the Nordic countries and the main part of Europe gives additional advantages for the development of the economy of this small country. Denmark's population in 2024 is only 5.9 million. High income levels and social standards aimed at improving the quality of life of local residents attract thousands of foreigners to the Danish Kingdom every year.

Work in Denmark

The local government is not against the inflow of foreign labor, but only in limited quantities and required qualifications. In particular, work in Denmark for foreigners in 2024 is quite an achievable task, and both for high-class technical specialists and seasonal workers in agriculture.

Unemployment in Denmark is 2-3%, and among young people a little more than 10%. This is one of the best indicators in the European Union. The country is steadily developing in a variety of areas, this and high technology, and transportation, and the pharmaceutical industry and much more. About how to find a job in Denmark, available jobs and salary levels in 2024, types of labor immigration programs and ways to find a job will be discussed further in the article.

How to go to work in Denmark

Employment in Denmark for a foreigner, especially for a long period (more than 3 months), with few exceptions, involves a preliminary search for a suitable vacancy and signing an employment contract with a Danish employer. On this basis a work permit and a residence permit are issued. The whole process is carried out in close cooperation with the Danish Consulate in the home country.

In order to fill the gaps in the local labor market and attract qualified specialists, Denmark has created special programs (schemes) for migrant workers from countries outside the European Union. Let us dwell in more detail on the main ones.

Options for labor migration to Denmark

How to go to work in Denmark

The Danish Green Card Scheme

Green Card holders were entitled to obtain a residence permit in Denmark with the right to work without first obtaining a work permit. A special point system was provided for this purpose. The candidate must have a total of at least 100 points. Such indicators as education level, language skills, age and some other criteria were evaluated.

On June 10, 2016, the Danish Parliament decided that new applications for a residence permit in Denmark under the Greencard scheme would not be accepted. However, an extension was possible if a Danish residence permit had been obtained under the scheme.

But after April 1, 2024, it is no longer possible to apply for even an extension of The Danish Green Card.

The Positive List

In Denmark there is an official list of professions for which there is a shortage at a certain point in time. If a foreigner has the required qualifications and experience, it is possible to obtain a work permit and a residence permit for the duration of the work contract plus 6 months or for 4 years if there is no time limit.

Wages and working conditions must be in accordance with Danish regulations. Some professions, e.g. medical, require additional registration procedures.

The Pay Limit

The most affordable way of employment in Denmark in 2024 for qualified foreign professionals who are willing to be paid at least 465 thousand kroner per year (62.4 thousand euros) by local employers. There are no additional requirements for, say, education, work experience and type of profession.

In addition to the above options for labor migration, there are a number of other programs involving work and residence permits in Denmark for foreigners:

  • for scientists;

  • for doctors and dentists;

  • for trainees;

  • work on oil rigs;

  • for athletes;

  • jobs in agriculture.

More details about all employment programs in Denmark can be found on the official website of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

Employment in Denmark. Job search without intermediaries.

Of course, for a successful job search in Denmark in 2024, especially on your own, you need to soberly assess your chances, meaning skills and experience, qualifications and degree of foreign language skills. And in addition to English, it is desirable to cushion and Danish. Working in Denmark without language skills, as well as in any other European country, is more of an adventure than a real way to immigrate and increase income.

How to find a job in the Danish labor market

The first thing to do is to visit the official website of the Danish Job Center, which specializes in the selection of highly qualified foreign specialists for local employers. Besides the vacancies themselves, you can find a lot of other useful employment information there.

Explore the popular Danish job search sites

Browse ads in Danish newspapersJyllands-posten, Politiken, Copenhagen Post

Actively use the professional social networking site

Sometimes vacancies may not be published in public sources, so you can try to contact the employer directly or contact one of the Danish recruitment agencies. Use this resource for your search –

Jobs and salaries in Denmark

Along with Luxembourg and Sweden, labor remuneration in Denmark is considered one of the highest in Europe and the world. However, the level of taxes and prices is also quite significant. Officially, the minimum wage in the country is not established. This indicator is fixed in collective agreements between trade unions and employers.

In addition, the rates may vary depending on the age and experience of a specialist. On average, Danish workers in various sectors of the economy receive a minimum of 14.5 euros per hour, excluding tax and pension payments. The average salary in Denmark in 2024 is around €3,100 per month net.

Jobs and salaries in Denmark

When choosing an available job in Denmark in 2024, foreigners from third countries definitely need to carefully study the list of current shortage occupations. Let's highlight the main vacancies that are relevant for the current year:

  • Engineers, including in information technology, construction and energy.

  • Medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, dentists and veterinarians.

  • IT professionals.

  • Elementary and secondary school teachers.

  • Social workers.

  • Pharmacists.

  • Auditors and legal consultants.

Seasonal work in Denmark is very popular among foreigners. For example, on farms and greenhouses to collect berries, fruits, vegetables and cereals. Usually labor payment here is hourly, from 10 euros per hour, and if the Danish employer concludes a collective agreement, then not less than 14.5 euros.

Can pay and for the amount of harvested crops, as a rule, it is about 1 euro per kg. For employment will require knowledge of English at a minimum or average level. Seasonal work in Denmark is mainly available in the summer, from May to September. In addition to agriculture, it can be temporary employment in hotels, bars and restaurants. In this case, Danish language skills may be needed.

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