Iceland is a small island state in the North Atlantic Ocean, next to Greenland and Great Britain. The country has amazing nature and mild climate, however, because of its specific geographical location there are not so many tourists. On the other hand, every year the number of tourists is 3-4 times more than the number of locals. The population of Iceland in 2024 is only 376.7 thousand people. In addition to Icelandic, English, German and Scandinavian languages are widely used in the country.

Compared to other European countries, in 2024 Iceland is not the most popular destination for foreigners to look for work. Nevertheless, there are different cases, and it makes sense to understand the intricacies of employment in this northern country. The economy of Iceland is quite diversified, the social security system is high, and the unemployment rate does not exceed 3-5%. The fishing industry, tourism, and high technology are the main job hunting niches in Iceland.

Work in Iceland

Employment in Iceland for foreigners

The main problem that foreigners face during labor migration to Iceland is the shortage of jobs and competition with locals and Europeans. Only if there are no necessary specialists among these two categories of citizens a job seeker from outside of the EU can get the necessary work permit.

That is, even before moving to Iceland, it is required to find a local employer and sign a labor contract. After that, a special application for a residence permit and the right to work is submitted to the Icelandic Immigration Directorate. In addition, the documentation is carefully checked by the local labor office, which assesses the eligibility of the foreign job seeker.

The application process takes up to 90 days or even more. In order to speed up this procedure, it is necessary to work closely with the staff of the Icelandic Consulate and the employer. All the more so that the issuance of a work visa is also a prerequisite for foreigners. Read more about moving to Iceland for employment and not only at the official immigration portal –

Documents for a work and residence permit in Iceland

  1. Correctly filled out application form, signed by both the applicant and the employer.

  2. Employment contract.

  3. Copy of passport and color photograph.

  4. Criminal record certificate.

  5. Health insurance.

  6. Proof of residency in Iceland.

Additional information may be required by the local authorities, depending on the situation.

Job search in Iceland

It's not hard to guess that in such a small country, attractive jobs are filled mostly by local citizens. Jobs in Iceland for foreigners in 2024 are available mainly to highly skilled and experienced professionals or scarce workers, even without special skills, but which the local economy needs. The second important point is knowledge of the Icelandic language. Working in Iceland without knowledge of the language is an unrealistic task. English is the minimum requirement.

How to find a job in Iceland

How to find a job in Iceland

Be sure to use a comprehensive approach, that is, all available methods that can help you find a job. From visiting Iceland as a tourist, to actively monitoring thematic forums and social networks, especially professional ones such as

Visit the Icelandic Public Employment Service website –

Popular job search sites in Iceland

Icelandic newspaper sites



Alternatively, you can contact one of the Icelandic recruitment agencies (ráðningarþjónustur) or in your country or send a job offer directly to the employer.

Salaries and jobs in Iceland

Before taxes, the average salary in Iceland in 2024 is about 5,050 euros per month. This is an excellent figure even in comparison with the most prosperous EU countries. However, the minimum wage since January 1 is 368,000 ISK monthly, or 2,455 euros. For higher wages can be expected in the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik.

Available jobs in Iceland for foreigners in 2024, primarily in such sectors as agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, tourism and IT, where the greatest demand for software developers. During the summer you can find seasonal work in Iceland. For example, in the hotel and restaurant business or on farms.


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Job seeker, looking for any type worker or operator labourers ,available to join on immediate basis for your requirements as well. I am willing to relocate.
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Job seeker, looking for any type worker or operator labourers ,available to join on immediate basis for your requirements as well. I am willing to relocate.
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Job seeker, looking for any type worker or operator labourers ,available to join on immediate basis for your requirements as well. I am willing to relocate.
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Regards from Athens-Greece , I am a 42 years woman , working the last 15 years in an Embassy in Athens , speaking 3 languages ( Arabic,English and Greek ) , interested to receive an offer .
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