Italy has one of the largest economies in the European Union with a developed industrial sector in the northern part of the country and predominantly agricultural south. It is a country with a long history and traditions, interesting culture, delicious cuisine and pleasant climate. Millions of foreigners dream to work and live in Italy.

Due to the comfortable living conditions, many foreigners strive to obtain a residence permit in Italy even without the right to work. For example, after buying real estate. And some are quite successful in doing business on the Italian territory. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Italy in 2024.


Labor market in Italy

Today there is a huge competition on the Italian labor market, especially if we are talking about job seekers from third countries, for whom the local government annually sets special quotas (about 30 thousand). With few exceptions it is almost impossible to get a work visa to Italy outside the quotas.In addition, the country has an unemployment rate acceptable for developed European countries – 4-5%, but among young people the rate reaches 25%.

Legal employment in Italy provides a preliminary search for an employer, signing an employment contract, obtaining a work permit and opening a work visa. Usually only if the above conditions are met will it be possible to work legally in Rome and other Italian cities. The seasonal work permit is issued for 6 months with the right to extend it for another 90 days. In case of long-term employment, the validity period of the document is 1-2 years.

The Italian legislation does not provide an official minimum wage level. The rates are established in collective agreements between employers and trade unions in certain sectors. In general, Italian workers rarely receive less than 800-900 euros. The average wage in Italy is 2,915 euros per month before income tax. It all depends on the profession and the region. For example, working in Milan, Rome or Turin brings much more.

The most demanded professions in Italy

Italian employers need a limited number of foreign specialists, for example, holders of technical professions, workers in the tourism industry and less often unskilled labor. Demanding professions in Italy in 2024 are engineers, builders, doctors and programmers. By the way, IT-specialists can get a work permit (transfer within one company) outside of annual quotas.

Popular professions in Italy among foreigners are mainly related to seasonal (tourist destination, agriculture) and unskilled labor – housekeepers, waiters, movers, nannies, cleaners, janitors, nurses. There are vacancies for English teachers in Italian universities, schools, or private tuition. The owners of creative professions – designers, models, artists, photographers are in demand.


1 Business Consultant
2 Doctor (different specialization)
3 Engineer (different specialization)
4 Manager
5 Nanny, nurse
6 Programmer (different directions)
7 Harvester
8 Specialist in tourism
9 Builder (different directions)
10 English teacher

Note. The information is based on data from Italian and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with many interesting attractions, which attracts up to 60 million tourists annually. Especially popular are such cities as Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Naples.

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