Kuwait is a rich country in the Middle East, located between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and bathed by the Persian Gulf. Small in area, the state owns about 6% of the world's oil reserves, which ensures the well-being of the local population and generates interest from migrant workers. It should be noted at once that foreigners cannot get citizenship in Kuwait, and the right to property and business in the country is very limited.

Jobs in Kuwait for foreigners in 2024 are available in the oil sector, finance and banking, doctors, builders, programmers and holders of some other skilled professions are required. The main problem of the state is the huge dependence of the economy on the oil sector, which generates more than half of the country's GDP and more than 90% of the revenue part of the budget.

Work in Kuwait

The tangible decline in oil prices over the past few years has forced the Kuwaiti government to urgently diversify the economy, which in the future could create additional jobs, including for foreigners. Next, consider the features of labor migration, job search options, available jobs and salaries in Kuwait for foreigners in 2024.

Features of labor migration to Kuwait

The population of Kuwait in 2024 is about 4.3 million people. According to various data, up to 70-80% of the labor force of the country consists of foreign workers, and until recently, local authorities welcomed the influx of migrant workers in every possible way. Today, the situation is gradually changing and finding a job in Kuwait is becoming much more difficult. After all, foreign applicants occupy positions as unskilled workers, and positions that require high skills and experience, respectively, paid decently.

And due to the fact that a large number of young Kuwaitis get a good education in prestigious universities in the UK and the U.S., the government seeks to provide conditions for employment in Kuwait, first and foremost, for its own citizens. Companies are advised to fill vacancies exclusively with locals, special quotas are introduced for this purpose, and only if there are no specialists with the necessary qualifications the job is given to a foreigner.

Features of labor migration to Kuwait

Moreover, there are special restrictive laws regarding migrant workers in the country. For example, at present foreigners over the age of 50 years are not eligible for employment in the public sector in Kuwait. Nevertheless, these measures are designed for the long term and mostly affect low-skilled workers. Overall, the economy still needs a fair amount of skilled labor from abroad.

The unemployment rate in Kuwait does not exceed 2-4%, which also has a positive effect on the prospects for open job vacancies in the country. Other positive aspects of labor migration to Kuwait include the absence of income tax, including for foreign workers. Only foreign companies are required to pay a profit tax of 15%, local businessmen are exempt from such contributions. The level of GDP per capita in Kuwait is one of the highest in the world. Of the countries in the region, only Qatar is ahead.

Despite the fact that Kuwait is officially a Muslim state, about 17% of the population are Christians. Western traditions and culture have a great influence on the locals, but one should not forget about the rules of conduct in society; a foreign country must be respected. The official language of Kuwait is Arabic. English is widely spoken in business and everyday life. Despite military conflicts and difficult situation in neighboring countries, it is quite safe and comfortable to live in Kuwait.

To move to Kuwait, foreigners must first find an employer, sign a labor contract and obtain a work permit. These are prerequisites for official employment. Work in Kuwait is on a temporary basis. For the duration of the contract, the employer acts as a sponsor and is responsible for the foreign specialist. That is, all administrative procedures, including issuing a work visa and work permit for the applicant, are the responsibility of the local company.

How to find a job in Kuwait

How to find a job in Kuwait

Jobs in Kuwait for foreigners in 2024 involve competition not only with locals, but also with citizens of many other countries, especially Asian countries. In particular, many jobs in the Kuwaiti labor market are occupied by migrant workers from India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand. It is very important to have a good education, qualifications and experience. Proficiency in English at an advanced level is a requirement for most employers.

In Kuwait, there are many international companies which already employ foreign specialists, respectively have experience in hiring foreign workers. Contact such employers directly and offer your services. Examples of the largest companies in Kuwait are Kuwait Investment Authority, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Zain – Mobile Telecommunications Co. Primarily, the open positions in Kuwait are concentrated in the capital city of El Kuwait and the cities of El Jahra, El Astm and Hawalli.

Consult experienced migrant workers on forums and thematic groups on social networks. Write a competent resume and cover letter in English, describing professional advantages in a clear and concise manner. Review ads on reputable newspaper sites in Kuwait. Join a professional social networking site,, and find business contacts. Be patient and research job postings online.

Popular job search sites in Kuwait

International resources with jobs in Kuwait

If you can't find a job in Kuwait without an intermediary, contact a recruitment agency, if possible an international one.

Jobs and wages in Kuwait

obs and wages in Kuwait

The unskilled labor market in Kuwait is almost entirely flooded with migrants from Asian countries, in addition, the authorities are trying to reduce the number of such workers. Therefore, foreigners should focus on finding work in skilled occupations, where the level of income is higher. In addition to the basic salary, many large companies in Kuwait give foreign specialists various bonuses, provide housing, a car, pay for medical services and even airfare back home.

The average wage in Kuwait in 2024 is about $29 an hour or up to $5,000 a month, and that's for ordinary workers such as mid-level managers. Experienced professionals can earn as much as $10,000 to $12,000 a month. Let's say the salary of a qualified engineer reaches 10.5 thousand dollars, a doctor – 4-5 thousand, an accountant – 2.8 thousand. By the way, Kuwait is the first and so far the only country in the Persian Gulf, which has set the minimum wage for domestic staff. Today the figure is 60 Kuwaiti dinars per month (about $197).

Kuwaiti companies are willing to pay decent wages to foreign specialists. Of course, qualifications and skills must be at the highest level. Jobs in Kuwait in 2024 are available in construction, oil industry, financial and banking sector, information technology, real estate, marketing, sales and business development. The education sector needs teachers of English, including private schools. Jobs in Kuwait as doctors, dentists, dermatologists and surgeons are popular.

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