For many years, the United States has maintained global economic leadership. The successful development of the state was made possible largely thanks to a massive influx of qualified specialists from all over the world. Despite the rather complicated and bureaucratic procedure of legal immigration to the United States, the number of foreigners seeking employment with U.S. companies is increasing every year.

In the long run, in addition to applying for U.S. citizenship, every migrant worker strives to obtain a U.S. Green Card, which gives him or her the right to live and work freely throughout the country. But in most cases, applicants from abroad are initially granted work visas to the United States, which are divided into immigration and nonimmigrant visas.

Let's find out what professions are in demand in the United States in 2024.

the United States

General situation on the U.S. labor market

The United States has a highly diversified economy, unemployment in the country is low, and the labor market needs specialists in absolutely different fields. The demand for a profession depends primarily on the degree of competition for jobs and a particular state. For example, work in Alaska is available in fisheries and the oil sector. Jobs in New York are offered in tourism, fashion, finance, advertising and information technology.

The huge influx of labor migrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America to the U.S. significantly increases competition for professions that do not require special qualifications. This applies to waiters, cleaners, cashiers, movers, drivers and so on. The demand for such workers is quite high, but it is practically impossible for foreigners to find legal work in these fields. The most popular professions in the U.S. in 2024 belong to medicine and computer programming.

Most often, for a local company to be interested in hiring a foreign worker and for the authorities to agree to issue a work visa, it is necessary to have sufficient experience, qualifications, skills, and knowledge of English at a good level. A diploma from an American university is ideal. Based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, provide an average annual salary and an up-to-date list of the most popular occupations in the United States in 2024.


1 Installer of solar photoelectric equipment 37,690
2 Service Specialist for Wind Turbines 39,490
3 Household assistant (home pesronal) 23,210
4 Personal Care Assistant 23,100
5 Physician Assistant 104,860
6 Nurse practitioner 103,880
7 Statistician 84,060
8 Assistant physiotherapist 57,430
9 Software developer (applications) 101,790
10 Mathematician 103,010
11 Master of bicycle repair 28,390
12 Professional Therapy Assistant 59,310
13 Information Security Analyst 95,510
14 Genetic Consultant 77,480
15 Operations Research Analyst 81,390
16 Forest Fire Inspector 37,380
17 Lecturer in the sphere of health care 97,870
18 Operator of drilling rig (oil, gas) 46,140
19 Physiotherapist 86,850
20 Massage therapist 39,990
21 Nursing Instructor (Teacher) 71,260
22 Janitor, janitor 24,190
23 Waiter 19,990
24 Builder 33,430
25 Cook 24,140
26 Accountant, Auditor 68,150
27 Marketer 62,560
28 Landscape Design Specialist 26,320
29 Trucker 41,340
30 Employee in the sphere of technical rounding and repair 36,940


1 Fitness trainer 38,160
2 Professional therapist assistant 56,070
3 Personal Financial Advisor 90,530
4 Software engineer 102,280
5 Certified Nurse 68,450
6 Pharmacy employee 30,920
7 Biomedical engineer 85,620
8 Market Analyst 62,560
9 Manufacturing engineer 49,170
10 Skin Care Specialist 30,270

In conclusion, let us note that the average salary in the USA is about 4.7 thousand dollars per month before taxes. The minimum rate at the federal level is 7.25 dollars per hour. Medical workers in the United States earn the most, and the lowest salaries are in the service sector. The progressive income tax rate in the United States varies from 10 to 37 percent.


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i want to doing job in USA as a waiter post and Trucker so kindly suggest me how can i apply
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# Yesirat Funmilayo Ap 2023-03-04 07:50
I need a personal care job or marketing job
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# Tayo ISIJOLA 2023-04-25 12:20
I have a Phd in Theatre directing, ad I have lectured in a Theatre arts department at a Nigerian University for the past 9 years. I seek an job opportunity in the US. kindly advise, please
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# Victor Chingwaru 2023-07-06 10:14
Iam a truck driver looking for a job in USA,CANADA,UK ,or GERMANY. I got 13 years of experience driving fuel tanker truck.
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# Giovanni Garcia 2023-11-21 10:29
I am Instrumentman Supervisor-Surveying section here in the Philippines in a mining Industry.Ive been work here for several years. I am looking a new opportunity that will lead me more in a better future. I am interested for any available job vacant that fit to my experience or any labor designation. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thank you.
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