Employment in Norway is not only an opportunity to increase income, but also a great option to immigrate to Europe permanently. Unlike its Scandinavian neighbors, Finland and Sweden, the population of Norway has chosen not to be part of the European Union, confining itself to a single economic zone.

And the fact that the unemployment rate in the country is one of the lowest in Europe (about 4%), and the average salary is one of the highest, only confirms the correctness of the choice of Norwegians. Norway has a high level of social security and free education, including for foreigners.

The country has a developed economy with a high percentage of public sector. Especially in the oil sector, which accounts for about 39% of the country's exports. In addition, Norway is rich in natural resources such as natural gas (third-largest export in the world), minerals, timber and fish.

Work in Norway

According to some studies, Norwegian workers are most satisfied with working conditions compared to other European countries. But it is not at all easy for foreigners to find a job in this northern country. But it is possible.

In particular, work in Norway for citizens of countries outside the EU in 2024 – it is mainly an oil platform and fish factory or seasonal unskilled labor, usually in agriculture. Compared to third countries, you can make good money here. There are also options for highly skilled professionals, but first things first. This article will answer the question how to find a job in Norway without intermediaries in 2024.

How to go to work in Norway

Despite the fact that Norway is not a member of the EU, the basic requirements for employment of foreigners are identical to most European states. That is, in order to take a vacancy a representative of a third country, such as Ukrainian, the employer must prove to the local authorities that among the Norwegians and Europeans are no applicants for employment.

For this purpose, information about the vacancy is transmitted to the local employment service and published in the Norwegian media. In addition, the basic requirements regarding working conditions and wages of a foreigner must be met. In general the employment procedure in Norway is as follows:

  • Searching for a suitable vacancy;

  • Signing the employment contract;

  • Obtaining a residence permit (work permit);

  • Registration of a work visa and moving to Norway.

Usually a work permit in Norway is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years. After this period, you can apply for permanent residency. Typically, during this time, the foreigner and, if necessary, family members are required to take special courses in the Norwegian language.

To successfully find a job in Norway and assess the chances of employment it is very important to understand the local specifics and requirements for professionals from abroad. In addition to the main condition, mentioned above, there are two main criteria.

Qualifications. In Norway there is a list of about 180 regulated professions. In order to apply for one of them a foreigner must go through the procedure of qualification confirmation. This is done on the official website of the Norwegian agency NOKUT.

Some occupations are not on the list, such as economists, engineers and journalists. On the other hand, there is a wide range of medical professions. Start looking for work in Norway should be from this resource.

Language. Most companies in Norway require applicants to know the local language. For this there are special accelerated courses. At the same time in the country there are many international firms where English will be enough. Jobs in Norway without knowledge of the language is available mainly for seasonal employment.

Job search in Norway

Depending on the time frame, migrant workers in Norway are divided into two categories: skilled workers with permanent employment and seasonal workers for a short period (3-6 months).

Requirements and conditions for qualified workers in Norway:

  1. Invitation from a Norwegian employer.

  2. Higher education or specialized vocational training.

  3. The position must correspond to a qualified occupation.

  4. If required, you have to go through the qualification confirmation procedure (see above).

  5. The job must be full-time and in accordance with Norwegian labour standards.

  6. It is possible to obtain a new residence permit in order to change the field of work and find a new employer.

  7. In the case of dismissal, you have six months to find a new job.

  8. It is allowed to move the family and after three years to get permanent residence.

Requirements and conditions for seasonal workers in Norway:

  1. Invitation from a full-time employer.

  2. The work must be temporary (up to 6 months), with a minimum hourly wage guarantee.

  3. The employer needs to get a special confirmation from the local authorities about the shortage of specialists for this type of work. The exception is the sphere of forestry and agriculture.

  4. It is allowed to work not more than 6 months during the year. That is, after the end of the contract must leave the territory of Norway, and only after six months, you can sign a new contract.

  5. There is no possibility of moving your family.

  6. The period of being in Norway as a seasonal worker is not taken into account when considering an application for permanent residence.

Types of seasonal work in Norway:

  • horticulture, forestry and agriculture;

  • tourism;

  • restaurant industry;

  • fishing industry.

You can apply for a residence permit in Norway (work permit) for employment through a special website of the Department for Foreigners UDI.

Employment in Norway. Search for work without intermediaries.

Employment in Norway

According to statistics, most Norwegian employers, which account for more than 60% of vacancies do not actively advertise jobs. Personal connections and recommendations are very popular.

Unfortunately, a foreign worker has almost no opportunity to find a job in Norway in this way. Therefore, to increase the chances of employment, you need to use as many public sources of information as possible. In today's world, just access to the Internet.

Work in Norway without intermediaries

The first place to start is to visit the official website of the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration NAV. It contains the largest database of available jobs in Norway and a lot of useful materials related to employment in this country.

Popular Norwegian job search sites

Websites of recruiting agencies

The official websites of Norwegian companies are a fairly effective way to find employment. There it is possible to find not only a job ad, but also to send a resume directly to the employer. To search for companies you can use a popular Norwegian Internet directory GULE SIDER or a resource EBR, which collected information on more than 20 million European companies.

Alternatively, you should look through advertisements in Norwegian newspapers. The most popular ones are Aftenposten and Dagens Neringsliv.

And lastly, it is an active monitoring of social networks and forums, where you can learn the opinion of experienced migrant workers and even find specific job offers in Norway.

Tips for job seekers in Norway

  • Soberly assess your qualifications, experience and skills.

  • Analyze the labor market and identify shortage areas.

  • Use universal ways to find a job.

  • Develop a professional resume and cover letter.

  • Prepare thoroughly for the interview.

Taken together, all of the above ways to find a job in Norway will bring a positive result.

Jobs and salary in Norway

Norway is one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. The official minimum wage in the country does not exist. Rates are set in labor agreements between employers and trade unions.

Jobs and salary in Norway

The average wage in Norway in 2024 is 4,860 euros. It is one of the highest rates in Europe. And men earn about 600 euros more than women. If we take specific jobs, including those available to foreigners, the average monthly salary is as follows:

  • IT specialists. Ordinary employees earn 5 thousand euros, project managers and managers earn 7-8 thousand euros.

  • Construction workers. Ordinary workers – 4 thousand euros, managers with higher education – 6 thousand euros.

  • Banking and financial services – 6-12 thousand euros, depending on position.

  • Unskilled workers – waiters, bartenders, cooks, security guards, salespeople – receive at least 2 thousand euros.

As for popular jobs in 2024, for example, work in Norway on oil platforms, much depends on qualifications and experience. Mechanical engineer with 1-3 years experience receives from 4.5 thousand euros per month. More experienced specialists, respectively, more.

The basic rate for unskilled workers in a fish factory in Norway is 17 euros per hour (about 2,8 thousand euros per month). In agriculture migrant workers' wages start from 11 euros per hour (1.8 thousand euros per month). This is not a bad option for those who want to find a job in Norway without knowledge of the language.

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