In recent years, the Polish economy has been on the rise and the local labour market increasingly needs workers from abroad. Only according to the official information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, today this country employs up to 2 million Ukrainians, who are mainly employed in the service sector, construction and agriculture. In addition, about 40 thousand Ukrainian students received Polish residence permit to study in local universities.

Economic prosperity and rising living standards in Poland attract a large number of applicants, especially from countries such as Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, where average wages are much lower. By the way, many foreigners strive to obtain a Pole card, which allows not only to work, but also to do business freely on the Polish territory and gives a lot of other advantages. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Poland in 2024.


Labour market in Poland

Unemployment in Poland during the year does not exceed 3-5%. In the period from 2014 the share of foreigners on the local labour market increased by more than 300%. It is mainly due to seasonal and permanent workers from Ukraine. Today the demand for foreign specialists is not decreasing. At the same time, the Polish Border Guard Service and the National Labour Inspectorate strictly monitor whether Polish employers and migrant workers have permits that confirm legal employment.

Official employment in Poland for citizens from countries outside the European Union usually involves a preliminary search for an employer, signing an employment contract, obtaining a work permit and obtaining a Polish work visa. One of the main requirements is that there are no applicants for vacancies among Poles and Europeans. Illegal professional activity in Poland is subject to severe fines and deportation from the country, followed by a ban on entry.

The official minimum wage in Poland in 2024 is 4,242 PLN (995 EUR) per month. According to the Polish Central Statistical Office, the average salary in Poland is PLN 7,978.79 per month (1,870 EUR). After tax deductions, the employee has 5,769.26 PLN (1,355 EUR) at his disposal. The highest income is provided by work in Krakow – PLN 9,913.13 per month before taxes, which is equivalent to 2,325 euros.

The most demanded professions in Poland

The most popular professions in Poland in 2024 are engineers, builders, programmers, agricultural workers, drivers, cooks, movers. For men there are widely available professions of workers – welders, masons, fitters, fitters, turners, electricians, glaziers, concrete workers. Women can work as maids, cleaners, seamstresses, dishwashers, packers, cashiers, caretakers.

The highest paid professions in Poland are doctors, lawyers, financiers, engineers, IT specialists, scientists and professors. The sectors of economy are IT and communication, real estate operations, industry, business sector, production, trade and repair of motor vehicles, where on average they earn at least 1000 euros per month.

A study by the American company Manpower Group showed that just over half (51%) of Polish employers had difficulty filling vacancies, which is the highest rate in the last decade. In particular, there are shortages in engineers (civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical specialties), accountants, auditors, financial analysts and IT specialists.


1 Accountant
2 Driver-international
3 Doctor (different directions)
4 Engineer (different directions)
5 Cook
6 Programmer (different directions)
7 Agricultural worker
8 Handyman
9 Builder (different directions)
10 Financial analyst

Note. The information is based on data from Polish and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the advantages of employment and accommodation in Poland include reasonable prices for renting real estate and food, even in major cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan and Krakow. In addition, it is a very beautiful European country with rich history and culture.


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