Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has transformed significantly, both economically and socially. For example, since 2015, local women have gained the right to participate in municipal elections, and since 2018, women can drive their own cars. Opportunities for professional employment have also been greatly expanded. Nevertheless, employment in Saudi Arabia for women, especially from abroad, is very limited. There is little chance of employment in health care or education.

Work in Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Saudi Arabia in 2024 for men are primarily in the oil sector. About 87% of the country's income and 90% of all exports come from oil products. On the other hand, local authorities are trying to modernize the economy and diversify the sources of the budget. Skilled foreign professionals can find jobs in Saudi Arabia in tourism, construction, information technology, telecommunications and several other industries.

Features of employment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a wealthy Middle Eastern country with at least one-sixth of the world's oil reserves. Climatic conditions are not the most pleasant, with mostly hot and dry weather prevailing throughout the area. The population of Saudi Arabia in 2024 is about 37.3 million people.

Up to 90% of the locals are Arabs, the rest are mostly natives of Asia and Africa. The official religion is Islam. The country has strict laws and special traditions which migrant workers need to know and take into account before moving to Saudi Arabia.

The labor laws of Saudi Arabia are designed to provide as many jobs as possible, especially for young people. It is very difficult for foreigners to break into the labor market of this Arab state. Each year the authorities set special quotas on the number of foreign workers and in case of non-compliance with these conditions, companies face heavy fines.

In the field of unskilled labor, the main competition are residents of southeast Asia, many of them come to the country illegally, which is categorically not recommended. Also, according to some estimates, in Saudi Arabia working over 125 thousand professionals from Western countries.

The main task of foreign applicants is to find an employer in advance, who will sponsor and arrange all necessary documents, including work permits and visas. This process usually takes a long time, so it is important to have patience.

In order to obtain a work visa to Saudi Arabia (Iqama) you must have an employment contract, appropriate education to perform professional activities and undergo a comprehensive medical examination. As a rule, visa is issued for a long period, which is requested by the employer in advance.

Important. Overseas workers should be aware that it is allowed to leave Saudi Arabia only with the consent of the company and local authorities, even the passport of a foreigner is often kept with the employer.

Finding a job in Saudi Arabia without intermediaries

As already mentioned, it is very difficult for foreigners to find a job in Saudi Arabia. The competitive advantages must be very significant. For example, knowledge of the English language, and preferably also of Arabic, are necessary conditions.

Higher education, qualifications and experience are also required. That is, the future employer must be extremely interested in attracting foreign applicants, for which he will bear a large share of responsibility, including compliance with local laws by the foreigner.

Finding a job in Saudi Arabia

Very often jobs in Saudi Arabia are filled by foreign employees of international companies operating in the country (Procter & Gamble, Nestlé and Siemens). The cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Yanbu are considered popular destinations for employment. Pay special attention to large companies in Saudi Arabia, which often open jobs for foreign specialists. For example, Saudi Aramco and Saudi Telecom Company.

In most cases, foreigners find jobs in Saudi Arabia through specialized recruiting agencies that operate in many countries around the world. With the help of such companies specialists are recruited in specific professions for which there is demand. Often the worker is charged a mediation fee of 10-20% of his annual salary. A longer option is considered an independent job search in Saudi Arabia.

Popular job search sites in Saudi Arabia

Newspapers in Saudi Arabia

Actively use social media, visit forums, contact employers directly or look for recruitment agencies. can help.

Jobs and salaries in Saudi Arabia

Jobs and salaries in Saudi Arabia

The undeniable benefits of employment in Saudi Arabia include no income tax, reasonable prices, medical coverage and other social benefits. Compared with other countries in the region, local workers have high salaries.

Of course, much depends on the profession. The average wage in Saudi Arabia in 2024 reaches $2,000 to $3,000 a month. However, foreigners often get a lower amount.

Thus, the minimum wage for Saudis is set at 3 thousand local riyals (about $800), but only for the public sector. In the private sector, there is currently no minimum wage. The same applies to foreigners.

If we consider specific professions in Saudi Arabia, on average, a waitress gets about $600, an au pair up to $800, a guide up to $1,200, a construction worker up to $3,000, an IT specialist up to $4,000, oil workers up to $5,500.

In addition to the oil industry, jobs in Saudi Arabia in 2024 are available for construction workers, doctors, programmers, English teachers in private educational institutions, sometimes required financiers and bankers. In principle, the list of options for jobs in Saudi Arabia is quite diverse. The main thing is persistence and to some extent luck.


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