Finland is a Scandinavian country located in the northern part of Europe. It borders Russia to the east, Sweden to the northwest and Norway to the north. It is washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea to the south and west. It has maritime borders with Estonia. A country with a strong economy, excellent infrastructure, transparent legal system and high standard of living.

Finland has a population of only 5.6 million people. It has clean air and beautiful nature with many comfortable places for outdoor activities. Unemployment in the country is about 6%. Despite the high level of income of local workers, to live in this northern country is very expensive. This applies to real estate prices, as well as food prices. Let's find out what salaries in Finland in 2024.

Salary in Finland

Minimum salary in Finland

At the state level, the minimum wage in Finland is not set. Rates are fixed in collective agreements between employers and trade unions separately for each sector. Normally the amount depends on skills, experience and the geographical location of the job. The wages must be "reasonable" and appropriate to the economic situation in the country. These legal provisions apply equally to Finnish and foreign workers.

Important. The national minimum wage in Finland in 2024 is generally around €1,500-2,000 per month.

Average salary in Finland

According to Statistics Finland, the average wage in Finland in 2024 is €3,807 per month before taxes. After all mandatory deductions an employee has about 2,600 euros. In the private sector Finns earn on average €3,903 per month. In the central government, earnings are about 4,265 euros, and at the local level, officials earn 3,397 euros.


Occupation Total Men Women
Administrative and business managers 7,330 7,576 6,377
Doctors 7,253 7,636 7,015
Sales (purchasing) agents/brokers 3,920 4,204 3,537
Elementary school and preschool teachers 3,090 3,689 3,006
Nursing and midwifery assistants 3,058 3,351 3,032
Operators of machines (equipment)/installers) 2,997 3,083 2,660
Clerical workers 2,711 2,843 2,680

Important. Men in Finland have an average monthly income of €4,133 and women €3,492.


Sector of Economy Euros per hour
Information and communications 25
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 23.82
Financial and insurance activities 22.04
Professional and scientific and technical activities 21.91
Education 21.28
Mining and quarrying 20.20
Public administration and defence 20.15
Manufacturing 19.15
Real estate operations 18.99
Construction 17.98
Water, wastewater and waste management 17.84
Transportation and storage 16.89
Health care and social work 16.12
Arts, entertainment and recreation 16.08
Wholesale and retail trade 15.94
Agriculture, forestry and fishing 15.76
Accommodation and food 13.96
Administrative and support services 13.59
Other services 16.14

Note. The average wages in Finland by occupation and sector are based on official figures from Statistics Finland.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the income tax rate in Finland on salaries of employees varies from 12.64% (income to 20.5 thousand euros per year) to 44% (income over 150 thousand euros per year).

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