In recent years, the Lithuanian government has been making maximum efforts to improve the economic well-being of the country and certain positive developments can be noted. In particular, the functioning of transportation companies has been intensified, information and communication services are developing, the situation in the real estate market has noticeably improved and construction projects have been resumed. Foreign entrepreneurs are willingly opening businesses in Lithuania and creating additional jobs.

Work visa to Lithuania

Many Lithuanian companies are eager to expand their activities, but often the elementary lack of labor resources does not allow them to do so. Therefore, there is a demand for foreign specialists from different countries in Lithuania. In particular, engineers, builders, programmers, truck drivers and holders of some unskilled professions are required. A work visa is one of the main prerequisites for legal employment in Lithuania.

Registration of a work visa to Lithuania

First of all, let us focus on some peculiarities of the Lithuanian labor market. Since 2004 the country has been part of the European Union, which means that in addition to local residents, the priority right to employment in the country have citizens of the EU, EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland. Unemployment in Lithuania in 2024 is kept at 8-9%. The minimum wage is €924 per month and the average is around €1,296.50 after taxes.

Of course, Lithuanian salaries are not very attractive to Europeans, but there is still competition in some positions. In general, the local labor market is in a rather depressed state. Besides, more and more young graduates of Lithuanian universities tend to leave for more developed countries of Western Europe, where the standard of living is significantly higher. In turn, this makes it easier for foreigners from third countries (from outside the EU) to find work in Lithuania.

Issues related to employment of foreign specialists on the Lithuanian territory are regulated by the local law "On the Legal Status of Aliens" and are under the authority of the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor of Lithuania. In particular, in order to be legally employed in Lithuanian companies, applicants from outside the EU must pass the following stages:

  1. Find an employer and sign an employment contract.

  2. Obtain a work permit.

  3. Obtain a work visa and apply for a residence permit.

The first two items are the most difficult to fulfill. Especially if you are outside the Republic of Lithuania. Local companies are extremely mistrustful of foreign workers and are not always ready to take responsibility, spend time and money on a number of documents.

Unfortunately, this is a prerequisite for legal employment. It is practically impossible for foreigners to obtain a work visa to Lithuania without a preliminary search for a vacancy and registration of a work permit.

Registration of a work visa to Lithuania

Hiring a job seeker from abroad implies the absence of specialists with the required qualifications among Lithuanian and EU citizens. In this case, the terms of employment must comply with the local labor code and other regulations of the country. For example, it is not allowed to underestimate the salary level or overestimate the number of working hours.

The vacancy must be openly available for at least one month, including registration at the Lithuanian Labor Exchange (hereinafter – LLE). If there is no response within this period, the employer may submit an application for consideration of granting a work permit to the alien. For this purpose, the following documents are required to be sent to the LLE:

From the employee:

  • A statement of the prescribed form.

  • A valid passport (copy).

  • Graduation diploma and other educational certificates confirming the qualification (copies).

  • Decision of the authorized body on recognition of qualification in Lithuania (profession regulated) or qualification assessment certificate (vacancy requires higher education). (copies)

  • Documents proving professional experience of at least 2 years within the last 3 years.

From the employer:

  • Justification for hiring a foreigner.

  • Information about dismissed employees of the company for the last 6 months (specify reasons, qualifications and job duties of employees).

  • Confirmation of absence of administrative fines (Art. 2063 of the Lithuanian Administrative Code).

  • Detailed information on working conditions (functions), salary, level of tax and social contributions for the period of employment of the alien (if the permit will be issued).

Important. Foreign documents must be translated into Lithuanian (translator's signature) and duly certified (apostille stamp).

Cost of work permit registration in Lithuania

  • Up to 1 year – 121.64 euros

  • Up to 2 years – 150.60 euros

  • Up to 6 months (seasonal work) – 34.75 euros

  • Extension – 52.13 euros

The period of processing of documents for a work permit in Lithuania cannot exceed 2 months from the moment of application submission. Usually the procedure takes no more than 3-4 weeks. If the decision is positive, within 60 days the employment contract is submitted to the LLE for approval (2 copies – Lithuanian language and the official language of the foreigner's country).

Only after that the applicant applies to the Lithuanian diplomatic office in his/her country for a work visa, and after moving no later than 6 months before the visa expiration date, he/she applies for a residence permit in Lithuania. The work permit is issued for a maximum period of 2 years, and in case of seasonal employment for 180 days. Subsequently, the document can be extended.

Grounds for revoking a work permit in Lithuania

  • The employment contract has expired.

  • The work permit was obtained illegally. For example, by submitting forged documents or providing false information.

  • Loss of a residence permit for any reason.

  • The deadline for mandatory registration of the LLE employment contract has expired (2 months).

  • The foreigner does not meet the requirements to obtain a work permit.

Documents for a work visa to Lithuania

Documents for a work visa to Lithuania

To obtain a work visa to Lithuania, the applicant must personally apply to the Lithuanian Embassy (by appointment) in the country of residence with a relevant application and provide a list of established documents. Usually, foreigners obtain a national (multiple-entry) long-term visa (type D) for employment. The decision on issuance is made by the Lithuanian Migration Service.

List of documents for a work visa to Lithuania

  1. Correctly filled out visa application form.

  2. Consular fee payment receipt.

  3. A passport valid for at least 3 months from the visa expiration date and issued not later than the last 10 years.

  4. One color photo (3.5x4.5 cm) taken shortly before the visa application.

  5. Insurance policy in the amount of 5,792.40 euros.

  6. An official invitation letter (application) from a Lithuanian employer.

  7. A copy of the work permit.

A work visa to Lithuania is issued for a maximum period of one year. The period of consideration of documents does not exceed 14 calendar days. In each individual case additional information may be requested.

How much does a work visa to Lithuania cost?

The official fee for a work visa to Lithuania (consular fee) in 2024 is 60 euros.

Refusal to issue a work visa to Lithuania

  • The applicant cannot substantiate the purpose of the trip.

  • Entry to Schengen countries is prohibited or the alien poses a threat to public security, which was revealed at the time of visa issuance.

  • The person has knowingly provided false information or refuses to provide additional information.

  • Absence or falsification of documents to obtain a visa.

  • Reasonable fears of the Lithuanian authorities that the alien plans to engage in illegal activities in Lithuania or the person has been previously banned from entering the country.

  • Insults verbally or in writing to Lithuanian diplomatic officials.

  • The applicant is suspected of committing war crimes or other serious crimes.

  • The alien is planning illegal migration to Lithuania and there are sufficient grounds to believe so.

The decision to refuse to issue a work visa to Lithuania may be appealed against within 14 calendar days in Vilnius District Administrative Court.

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