Qatar is a small state, but with huge natural resources (oil, gas), located in the Middle East in the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. In the south it has a land border with Saudi Arabia, and on the other side is washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf. In terms of GDP per capita is the richest country in the world.

Salary in Qatar

The population of Qatar in 2024 is about 3 million people. Today, local authorities are trying to reduce the country's dependence on oil and gas, so they are interested in attracting skilled labor from abroad in order to develop other sectors of the Qatari economy. Next, find out what the salary in Qatar in 2024.

Minimum and average salary in Qatar

In terms of average wages Qatar is not inferior to many developed countries of the West, and in many areas of professional activity is even superior. At the same time, the income of local workers is highly unevenly distributed. The difference in salaries can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars. The average range is from 300 to 25,000 dollars per month.

There is no official minimum wage in Qatar, but specifically for migrant workers in 2017, the authorities set a temporary rate of 750 Qatari riyals per month, the equivalent of 205 dollars. In 2024, foreign workers should receive at least 1,000 riyals per month ($275), plus housing allowance (500 riyals) and food (300 riyals). In general, even unskilled labor in Qatar is often paid very decently. For example, domestic staff, waitresses, maids, cooks, porters, cleaners earn from 500-600 dollars a month and above.

Local experts estimate that the average salary in Qatar in 2024 is about 13 thousand riyals per month (3.6 thousand dollars). This is a median figure. In general, an average Qatari worker earns about 4.5 thousand dollars per month. Very much depends on the profession. For example, some representatives of Western countries in managerial positions in Doha have income in the region of 40 thousand dollars per month.

Sometimes there are cases of illegal understatement of wages. This is especially true for labor migrants employed in the construction industry of Qatar, who enter into agreements with unscrupulous employers. Instead of the promised 1-1.5 thousand dollars per month, workers receive no more than 200-300 dollars. When planning employment in Qatar, it is worth paying close attention to the details of the contract.

Next, let us allocate the average wages in Qatar in 2024 in terms of some professions/industries.


Sector of economy Riyals per month Dollars per month
Management, senior management 31,500 8,650
Production 26,000 7,140
Oil, gas 22,000 6,040
Banking 22,000 6,040
Engineering 19,000 5,215
Advertising, telecommunications 18,500 5,080
Information Technologies 18,000 4,940
Health Care 17,500 4,805
Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology 15,500 4,190
Aviation, Space, Defense 15,000 4,255
Education 14,000 3,845
Accounting/financing 12,500 3,430
Wholesale and retail trade 12,000 3,295
Automotive industry 11,000 3,020
Tourism, administrative services 7,500 2,060

In conclusion, there is currently no income tax on workers in Qatar. At the same time, the profits of companies with foreign participation are taxed at the rate of 10%, and in the petrochemical sector 35%.

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