One of the smallest and at the same time densely populated states in the world, the Principality of Monaco attracts not only wealthy foreigners, fans of gambling or Formula 1 events, but also those who want to earn extra money. The comfortable location in the South of Europe near France, access to the Ligurian Sea and many places of interest for tourists, create favorable conditions for the inflow of migrant workers.

Work in Monaco for foreigners in 2024 is a great opportunity to increase their income and simply relax in one of the most famous European resorts. The population of this mini-state is only about 40 thousand people, unemployment is almost non-existent. The official language is French, but English and Italian are also widely used.

Work in Monaco

Monaco has a high standard of living, even compared to many regions in France. The tourism sector and banking sector are considered the most developed. A nice factor for salaried workers is the absence of income tax, and in principle tax rates are quite low. The following is a list of jobs available in Monaco in 2024, the procedure for foreigners and the options for finding a job.

How to go to work in Monaco

Foreigners in Monaco need to obtain a work permit in order to be officially employed. This document allows you to work in a specific profession and for a single employer. Otherwise, a new permit will have to be issued.

Local authorities are interested in providing jobs primarily for local citizens and their spouses, as well as permanent residents of the Principality and foreigners from neighboring regions of France. For this reason, in order to hire a foreign specialist, the employer sends the relevant information to the Employment Office (Service de l'Emploi), where a check is made to see if there are candidates for the vacancy among the above-mentioned categories of citizens.

If no applicant can be found within four days, the Employment Office considers the application for a work permit for a foreigner offered by a local company. If there are no legal restrictions, the office makes a positive decision and notifies the employer. One of the main conditions is that the applicant must undergo a free medical examination.

The procedure for moving to work in Monaco is not much different from other European countries, that is, it includes the following steps:

  1. Finding an employer.

  2. Signing of an employment contract.

  3. Registration of work permit.

  4. Opening of work visa.

  5. Moving to Monaco and obtaining a residence permit.

In some cases, for example, for hiring domestic staff in Monaco, which is not uncommon for employment of foreigners from third countries, the procedure is simplified. Read more about the official requirements for employment in Monaco on the government website

Looking for a job in Monaco

There are many people who want to find a job in Monaco, and the local labor market is not unlimited. Nevertheless, the flow of labor migrants to this small country is constantly growing. To find a job in Monaco in 2024 will require patience and a comprehensive approach, ie using all available options for employment in the modern world.

Foreigners with skills in French and English will have a big advantage. The qualifications and experience of the applicant play a crucial role for successful employment in Monaco. For example, a university degree from one of the French universities will greatly increase your chances of finding a well-paid job.

Popular job search sites in Monaco

Specialized resources for finding jobs in Monaco – jobs in Monaco for nannies – cruise ship vacancies

In addition to these resources, actively use professional social networks, contact recruitment agencies and employers directly.

Jobs and salaries in Monaco

The official minimum wage in Monaco is 1,946.88 euros per month. However, it is worth considering that more than 80% of workers are paid much more. Highly qualified professionals can expect an average salary in Monaco in 2024 around 4-5 thousand euros. This is one of the highest rates in Europe.

Jobs in Monaco for foreigners in 2024 offered in the areas of tourism, high technology, finance, insurance, business sector and some industries. Often applicants from abroad find unskilled jobs in Monaco, such as nannies, au pairs, housekeepers, maids, waiters and salespeople.

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